SANTIAGO: October 15 to 17th, 2019 

The course included the theory and practice of pretreatment, fouling and scaling in micro- and ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis applied to the production of drinking water and industrial water. The issues dealt with in detail include the impact of water resources, sea water, river water, brackish ground water and treated domestic waste water. 



08.30 Registration and Workbook

09.00 Welcome and opening

09.15 Introduction 

Principles micro – and ultrafiltration 

10.45 Coffee break

11.00 Overview MF/ UF elements and systems 

Fouling MF/UF, fouling control and pre - treatment 

13.00 Lunch

14.15 Principles reverse osmosis and nanofiltration

Overview RO and NF membranes and elements

16.15 Tea break

16.30 Process design RO systems with spiral wound elements 

17.45 Questions & discussion.



09.00 Normalizing data in RO/NF systems

Fouling RO/NF systems

Conventional pre-treatement techniques for RO/NF

11.00 Coffee break

11.15 Conventional pre-treatement techniques for RO/NF

Fouling due to suspended/colloidal matter. SDI and MFI

13.00 Lunch


15:00  MFI-UF; prediction fouling rate 

Fouling due to Algae and Transparant Exo Polymers (TEP)

16.30 Tea break

16.45 Fouling due to coagulants in RO systems

Removal of suspended/colloidal matter in practice

18.15 Questions & discussion.



09.00 Removal of iron and manganese

Bio-fouling, principles, prediction and pre-treatment

11.00 Coffee break

11.15 Bio-fouling, principles, prediction and pre-treatment  

Organic fouling and Principles of scaling

13.00  Lunch

14.15 Presentation  Sponsor

15.00  Manual scaling calculations

Stiff & Davis Index and Prediction with projection program 

16.30 Tea break

16.45 Scaling in seawater reverse osmosis

Scaling control, monitoring and antiscalants

Cleaning RO/NF systems

18.15   Closing and Certificates

Water & Energy

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