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Water and energy are essential factors in economic activities in Chile and especially in the mining industry.

The development of the mining industry is reflected in the high levels of investment projected for the coming years and poses a challenge in terms of water and energy supply.

WE Service organises conferences with participation of the country´s main mining, water and energy companies, striving to give a complete and detailed vision of the best practices by international companies and experts.


Quienes somos

WE Service excels because of its strategic alliances with the main international organizations which are leaders in matters of water and energy, which enables us to organise highly technical courses focused on problem-solving of real problems with a great impact on their processes.​


Some of our alliances:




Quienes somos

WE Service develops several closed courses, tailor-made for the industry. We are supported by international experts of great renown in matters of water and energy.

Below you will find an example of a closed course we have organized:


Course on Water Treatment Plant Operation:


The course covers all aspects of modern treatment of waste water, starting with the primary treatment necessary to protect the biological system and the implicated physical/chemical processes towards the biological system, the processes used to decompose contaminants and the factors which might affect the plants efficiency.

The microbiology of the plant is analysed in detail and the information it may give us regarding health, age efficiency of the slurry and any problem with the system.

Topics as slurry management, disposal systems and plant control and functioning are dealt with as well.


Quienes somos

WE Service renders logistic and organizational support to congresses and workshops for large companies. Thanks to the vast experience in this field and to the work of a team highly specialized in the organization of events, WE Service offers the complete management of each step of the event, from the initial advertisement to a balanced budget.



  • Search for, management of and coordination of all suppliers of the activity

  • Graphic design (logo of the activity, brochures, posters, totems, book, accrediting, etc.)

  • Choice of venture and catering (coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, etc.)

  • Design and selection of merchandising (bags, folders, USB stick, pens, gifts, etc.)

  • Coordination and supervision of printing services (documentation, book, accrediting, diplomas, brochures, etc.)

  • Collaboration in the activities program and social program (gala dinner, shows, touristic visits)

  • Advertisement of the activity, collaboration in the distribution of the activity through e-mailing, publicity material, organization of protocol in the inauguration and closing act, etc.

  • Management of registration and accrediting

  • Advisory tothe speakers

  • Material revision and design

  • Coordination of support personnel

  • Coordination of facilities, spaces and technical media

  • Simultaneous interpreting, among other services

Water & Energy

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